PermaBlitz Host

Your Roles as a PermaBlitz Host

As a PermaBlitz Host, you will receive a huge input of free labor, design, and good energy. PermaBlitzes are great fun but do require some work getting ready for. You’ll be expected to work with our volunteer PermaBlitz design team,  source or purchase required materials, do some prep work, and feed the troops on the day.

You can expect help from the PermaBlitz design team with your design, coming up with quantities of materials needed, facilitating the day, and some follow-up help if needed. We have a Host Guide we will send to people who have qualified to be a Host.

Please be advised that in order to qualify to be a PermaBlitz Host you must attend 2 PermaBlitzes and at least 2 Chico Permaculture Guild Gatherings. Volunteering with Earthshed Solutions will also help qualify you to get Blitzed. This model is based on reciprocity; help others and you’ll get helped. For more information please read over the PermaBlitz FAQ page as well as the PermaBlitz 2018 schedule.


PermaBlitz Host Application Form

If you are interested hosting a PermaBlitz in 2019 please fill out the Host Application form below or use this LINK to bring up the application in another window. This process is important so we can tell you right away if your property is suitable for a PermaBlitz. If you would prefer to have the application emailed to you please contact us at