PermaBlitz FAQ

PB helping handsA PermaBlitz is an informal gathering involving a group of people who have come together to share skills related to permaculture and regenerative living. PermaBlitzes are FREE events that are open to the public, where you learn new skills, share food, get some exercise and have fun. Read about PermaBlitz #1!

Who organizes the PermaBlitz?

The PermaBlitz is an education program of Earthshed Solutions. The PermaBlitz Committee organizes the Blitz along with permaculture designers, interns, facilitators, and volunteers. We are always looking for volunteers who wish to help us expand this program further, please contact us at if you are interested. We also have an Intern Program if you’re a PDC graduate and want to hone your design skills.

How do I get involved?

You’ll need to RSVP to attend a PermaBlitz when the events become available (see the PermaBlitz 2018 schedule for more information). If you want to volunteer for a PermaBlitz, you can sign simply let us know via email at If you would like to Host a PermaBlitz check over the requirements here. Earthshed Solutions is also looking for PermaBlitz Committee members to help plan and run the PermaBlitzes. The more help we have the more PermaBlitzes we can organize each year.

When will the PermaBlitz happen?

At this time we generally do two Blitzes per year, one in April and one in October, and will continue to do at least two each year thereafter – or more with the help of the community. You can look over the PermaBlitz 2018 schedule and read up on PermaBlitz #1.

How do I qualify to get Blitzed?

If you wish to be a Host please look over PermaBlitz Host page and fill out the Host Application form. You must attend two free PermaBlitzes and at least two free CPG Gatherings to qualify to get Blitzed. You can also volunteer with Earthshed Solutions to help qualify to get Blitzed. This model is based on reciprocity; help others and you’ll get helped.

What are my roles as a Blitz Host?

As a Host, you will work with the PermaBlitz design team who will prepare a permaculture design for a specific area of your landscape. Once you receive the materials list from them, you will need to obtain any materials required to implement the design projects (mulch for example). On the day of the Blitz, you will need to provide a hearty lunch and drinks for the participants and volunteers and assist as needed.

What a PermaBlitz is Not

A well-funded education program that designs and installs permaculture projects for everyone and anyone. PermaBlitz Hosts have been to past PermaBlitzes, Chico Permaculture Guild Gatherings, may have volunteered with Earthshed Solutions, and they commit to helping at future Blitzes. Nor are they simply about garden aesthetics and veggies, though these are both important; at the forefront of permaculture principles are sustainability, community building, and food security. You can donate to the PermaBlitz to help keep them moving forward on Earthshed Solutions Square page.

What is Earthshed Solutions’ long-term objective for PermaBlitz?

Drought tolerant and edible communities! We hope to achieve a PermaBlitz network throughout our local bioregion armed with the skills, knowledge, resources and support to conduct multiple PermaBlitzes on a regular basis. We hope to implement permaculture systems in private yards, schools, public spaces and anywhere else that can be turned into a water conserving food oasis.

For more information, contact us at