PermaBlitz #3

PB#3 -post

PermaBlitz #3 was held at a 5 acre residence in lower Paradise, CA

We implemented several facets of a recently completed permaculture design for the PermaBlitz Host and site.

Working design completed by Earthshed Solutions’ certified permaculture designers and interns


Wicking bed (1.1)
Wicking bed connected to outdoor sink

Wicking Bed –built a water conserving raised vegetable garden bed with small rock in a reservoir below the soil so plants literally wick up the water they need.

Lasagna Style Raised Beds -layered diverse nitrogen and carbon materials to create the foundation for healthy soil in 2 new raised beds. One bed was planted with ‘Black Beauty’ zucchini seed with the goal of saving seed for the Chico Seed Lending Library.

Rocket stove (10)
Rocket stove completed!

Tree Planting -showed the proper way to plant trees (using Asian pear and Autumn blaze maple trees) with mulch basins for water conservation.

Building Rocket Stoves -built efficient and hot burning rocket stoves which use small amounts of kindling/wood for fuel.


Citrus Tree Pruning –learned the best methods for pruning Citrus for optimal growth and health.

Ready, Set, Go PermaBlitz #3!

Permaculture Principles Applied

Wicking Bed

  • Catch & Store Energy -use of water is low and highly efficient to grow food
  • Integrate Rather than Segregate -outdoor sink water overflow moves to wicking bed, which overflows to mulch basin

Lasagna Bed

  • Design from Patterns to Details -layered pattern of readily available compostable materials to create soil for growing food
  • Use Small Slow & Solutions -simple and effective method to create garden bed

Planting Trees

  • Obtain a Yield -growing trees for food and shade for house
  • Observe & Interact -optimal placement for best effect

Rocket Stove

  • Use & Value Renewable Resources & Services -small amounts of wood to cook/heat
  • Apply Self-Regulation & Accept Feedback -highly efficient when used appropriately

Citrus Tree Pruning

  • Produce No Waste -use pruning debris for lasagna bed
  • Creatively Use & Respond to Change -utilize the gradual growth from small to large tree to best effect

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