PermaBlitz #2

PermaBlitz #2 was held at an 8 acre rural residence in Butte Creek Canyon on October 15th, 2017

We implemented several facets of a recently completed permaculture design for the PermaBlitz Host and site.


Wattle (14)
Installing wattle

Water & Contour: determined contour using an A-frame level to place straw wattles on slope

Water & Swales: moved and leveled an existing swale sill, created a diversion trench from swale as overflow to nearby fruit trees and demonstrated how rooftop rainwater connects to the swale

Vegetable Garden: renovated by raising part of a vegetable garden bed for easier senior access

Medicinal Garden: added a rock border and planted a diverse palette of drought tolerant medicinal and edible plants

GB (10)
Plant guild building in the forest garden

Guild Build an Orchard: determined best function/aspect then planted a variety of plants for pollinators, mulch, fertility, weed barrier and more 


  • Built an outdoor sink station
  • Built a tool organizer
  • Placed and readied a reused bathtub for optimal garden space
  • Made ollas out of terra cotta pots
  • Made switchel and granola

Welcome Circle (17)
Ready, Set, Go PermaBlitz #2!

PermaBlitzes are an education program of Earthshed Solutions. A PermaBlitz is about helping our neighborhoods become more edible and resilient one yard at a time by harnessing and building the power of community. Learn more here: