Board of Directors

The board of directors of Earthshed Solutions are experienced, both academically and professionally, in the same areas as the organizations’ goals (food production, soil fertility, energy efficiency and water conservation). They are able to bring their knowledge and expertise to the board itself as well as the Programs and Projects Earthshed Solutions offers.

Earthshed Solution’s Board of Directors help guide the nonprofit so that it stays true to its mission and ensures it achieves its goals effectively. Board members help define policy and programs as needed. Board members are expected to attend and participate in Board meetings and be responsible for adherence to legal standards and ethical norms. They may also have additional responsibilities when joining committees or becoming active in certain areas. It is expected, though not required, that Board members will occasionally participate in events as a volunteer.

Individual Duties of Earthshed Solutions’ Board members:

  1. Read and understand the Permaculture Ethics
  2. Attend regularly scheduled Board meetings and other important meetings
  3. Actively participate in an overall planning process and assist in implementing and monitoring the plan’s goals
  4. Stay informed about committee matters, prepare well for Board and committee meetings, and review the minutes prior to each meeting
  5. Volunteer for and willingly accept assignments and complete them on time
  6. Participate in fundraising efforts either through time, treasure, or talent
  7. Make a commitment to participate actively in committee work
  8. Build strong working relationship with the community, businesses, members, and any or all stakeholders

Interested in joining our Board of Directors?

Earthshed Solutions
Board of Directors  2018-2019

Stephanie Ladwig-Cooper

Stephanie Ladwig-Cooper: Stephanie is the President of Earthshed Solutions as well as the Marketing Director. Stephanie studied botany, horticulture, and environmental science in college before she and her husband, Brian, settled down in 2000 to raise a family and start Gaia Creations, a local ecological landscape & permaculture company. Stephanie earned her Permaculture Design Certificate in 2009 and has taken many advanced permaculture courses since that time. Stephanie helped co-found the Chico Permaculture Guild (CPG) in 2009 and the Chico Seed Lending Library (CSLL) in 2013 and is a main organizer for both today. Since 2010 she has co-organized Chico’s annual seed swaps. Stephanie and her family live on 5 acres in North Chico where they are establishing their homestead, Frog & Toad Farm and where she homeschools her two teenage children.

Robert Henry photo

Robert Henry:  Robert is the Treasurer for Earthshed Solutions. He earned his PDC and Master Composter Certificate in 2013. Robert’s background is in construction and over the years has worked on all phases of the construction process, including reuse of materials such as pallets and urbanite. Robert has been involved in Permaculture for the last three years, teaching earthworks and land restoration classes, zone and sector design classes, building pallet cabinets and composting and microscope work. He is currently establishing a permaculture homestead on 8 acres in Oroville. The property has water harvesting tanks and mulch basins, garden beds, perennial gardens, swales, and a small greenhouse with solar dehydrator in the works.

Anne Ainsworth photo

Anne Ainsworth: Anne is the Secretary for Earthshed Solutions and lives in Oroville, CA where she and her husband are transforming their 8-acre property into a permaculture homestead. Anne and her husband, Robert, moved to Oroville in September 2014 from San Diego, CA. Anne has been organic gardening and composting since the 1980s and is a recent student of permaculture. Anne took her Permaculture Design Course in 2013 and followed up with an Advanced Design Practicum course through Oregon State University. While in San Diego, Anne was also on the board of directors for a small dog rescue organization and worked at a non-profit corporation as the office manager.

Brian Ladwig-Cooper photo

Brian Ladwig-Cooper: Brian is the current Vice President and Fundraising Director for Earthshed Solutions as well as the Seed Ball Project manager. Brian earned his associates degree in Landscaping & Horticulture in 1999 at Butte Community College. In 2000 Brian and his wife, Stephanie, started Gaia Creations, an ecological landscape company, in Chico, CA which they continue to operate successfully today. Brian earned his Permaculture Design Certificate in 2010 and has been professionally practicing permaculture on urban and rural properties since that time. Brian helped co-found the Chico Permaculture Guild (CPG) in the fall of 2009 and has stayed an active volunteer since that time.  Brian and his family live on 5 acres in North Chico where they are developing their homestead, Frog & Toad Farm.

Jane Hirtel photo

Jane Hirtel: Jane became a member of Chico Seed Lending Library (CSLL) in 2013 then became a Seed Librarian for CSLL in June 2015. She became interested in permaculture and started taking classes and doing workshops with Chico Permaculture Guild in 2014.  Jane started organic gardening in the early 1960.  She and her husband Gary and 3 year old son Kent moved to Chico in 1970 where they bought 13 acres of land in Butte Creek Canyon and started their homestead.  They built their home, raised animals and had a large organic garden.  Jane attended CSU-Chico from 1971-1975 graduated with a BS Degree in Home Economics. Jane retired from Butte County Superior Court in 2007.  Jane is happiest when she is out in nature, there is so much to see and learn.

Dan M.jpg

Dan Machek: Dan moved with his wife and two children to Chico in 2014 and soon thereafter began attending Chico Permaculture Guild meetings and workshops. He received his Bachelor of Science in Wildlife from Humboldt State University in 2008 and currently works as a Wildlife Biologist for a local environmental consulting company. Dan has over a decade of professional experience in the wildlife field with a diverse background in northern California’s flora, fauna, and ecosystems. He integrates his professional knowledge with his personal interests in permaculture and homesteading topics such as ecological gardening and landscaping techniques, animal husbandry, wild harvesting, slow food, herbalism, and seed saving.

Steve Breedlove photo

Steve Breedlove: Steve is a father, gardener, veteran and avid reader. He grew up in the California Gold Country, controls air traffic and holds degrees in History and Peacekeeping. His studies opened his eyes to fossil energy and the systemic weaknesses underlying industrial societies. Subsequently, he discovered permaculture and has since determined it to be the only viable strategy to transition to a peaceful postcarbon society. Steve now raises a family on a half acre of Chico’s suburban fringe, designing for resilience in a changing world. He received a PDC from Practical Permaculture in 2017. He hopes to integrate permaculture design and radical ecology into a coherent political philosophy, while propagating “abundance through design” as a strategic goal of social movements.

Wendy Ardell photo-cropped

Wendy Ardell: Wendy comes from a long line of Western New York small family farmers. This heritage and strong ties to the land have framed her views of the natural world, ingrained a thoughtful regard for the soil, plants, water and air and have given her a basis of belonging. Throughout her life she has been an avid organic gardener, continually inspired and fulfilled by her natural surroundings. Wendy and her husband have lived in Butte County for over 40 years and are currently establishing a homestead that includes fruit, vegetable, native and perennial gardens. Wendy holds a fine arts degree, is a fiber artist, herbalist, seamstress and businesswoman who has owned and operated multiple local and international businesses over the years. She is hands-on, a fervent learner and brings a practical set of skills with a deep environmental understanding and focus to everything she does.

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Earthshed Solutions’ is a 100% volunteer-run nonprofit organization. If you are interested in joining the Board of Directors please send inquiries to ATTN: Board of Directors.